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              Architectural culture

              Architectural culture

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              Wukesong cheered for the Olympics

              2017.05.03   Source:worksungroup

                As the main stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Bird's Nest was designed by Jacques Herzog, De Mellon, Ai Weiwei and Li Xinggang. The construction area is about 21 hectares by the Beijing Urban Construction Group.

              Wukesong cheered for the Olympics

                In order to show a unique main stadium - the nest, as the total package of Beijing Urban Construction Group on the choice of construction materials can be described as quite harsh, especially for building materials quality requirements. The flatness of the building template has a decisive effect on the completion of the main stadium - the nest, so the contractor's selection of the building template is harsh. After several contact with the contractor, Wukesong Wood Co., Ltd. in a number of building templates manufacturers stand out as a national stadium - the nest of one of the designated materials suppliers, the production of high-end building template products - Wukesong licensing The building template is the designated building material.

                For the building template manufacturer Wukesong Wood Co., Ltd., this is an extraordinary test, but also a significant opportunity. Because such a huge project and strict schedule progress, not the general building template manufacturers can meet. Therefore, the test is the construction template manufacturer's production capacity, the opportunity is to prove that Wukesong brand building template high quality.

                Wukesong Wood Co., Ltd. does not take the Beijing Urban Construction Group's trust, strictly control the quality of products, and actively cooperate with the construction of urban construction progress. Construction site on the Wukesong brand building template is also unanimously approved, whether it is product flatness, or product thickness, all interpretation of the essential elements of high-quality building templates!

                "Wukesong" brand from beginning to end has always been to "product quality" and "integrity management" as the basic principle, from the early product development to the late large-scale production, the initial never changed, only for the pursuit of higher quality products, For high-end building buildings escort.

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